Freds Coupon Policy

March 7, 2009

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* We only accept coupons on merchandise we carry and are
included in the customers’ purchase.
* We double the coupons on Saturday if the face is no more
$1.00. Coupons with face value of more than $1.00, is accepted at face
value only.
* We will double only 1 coupon per identical item per day. Additional
coupons may be used if additional identical items are purchased, but they
are not subject to doubling. Only 1 coupon per item. If the items are not
identical, both coupons may be doubled.

* Coupons can be accepted on trial size items unless excluded
by the coupon.
* Tobacco coupons are not doubled regardless of face value.
* An additional coupon may not be used in conjunction with a
Buy One Get One Free coupon. A coupon may be used in conjunction with a Buy
One Get One Free promotion.
* A coupon may be accepted when matching a competitor’s ad,
but is not subject to doubling.
* Internet coupons must be printed in color.
* The coupon (at face value or when doubled) may not exceed
the price of the item.
* Always check the expiration date. If a coupon has expired
it cannot be accepted.
* Always check to make sure it is an actual coupon and not a
rebate or certificate. A valid coupon will have the product description,
cents off amount, expiration date and an address to send the coupon for

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