July 27, 2010


Jessica P. emailed to remind me of what to do with all of those expired coupons!!  It reminded me of a great program for all of those expired coupons.  I know I have a lot of coupons expiring 7/31/10!!  We could just pull those coupons out and throw them away….but….. instead, be could mail these to our troops!! They can use these coupons 6 months past the expiration date!!  My favorite group has a program called Troopons.  You actually can mail your coupons to them & they will mail them to where they are needed!! All they ask is to mail them within 2 months of their expiration date!! You can go HERE to find out more about this wonderful group!
Thanks Jessica!

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Anonymous July 27, 2010 at 6:24 pm

That is a great tip. Thanks

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