Saving Money on Supplies

April 9, 2011

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Saving Money on Supplies

I would think the biggest expense would probably be ink!!  Right?!!??  Believe it or not, you CAN save money on ink!  Here are some tips:
1.) RECYCLE your old ink Cartridges!  Places will actually PAY you for this!!
-Staples pays $2 in Staples Rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle, up to 10!!  Read more about this HERE.
-Office Max offers it’s MaxPerks members $3 in rewards for each qualifying† visibly undamaged HP, Dell or Lexmark ink or toner cartridges dropped off in an OfficeMax store location.  The allow up to 20 a month!! (or $60!! That would buy A LOT of paper) Go HERE to read more about this.
-Office Depot offers $2 back in Recycling Rewards* for each cartridge recycled, up to 20 cartridges per month!  Read more about this HERE.

2.) Walgreens will fill ink cartridges.  They are limited on which ones they will fill, go HERE to read more. They put this on sale occasionally. so watch for the sale!
3.)  Check out prices online.  I buy all of my ink from online.  You can see my favorite places HERE.  They have the best prices I have found for my particular ink.  You can also refill your own ink cartridges (YUCK)  I have tried this in the past & made a huge mess, but my brother swears by it!!  He says things have changed & its not messy now.  I would search ebay for this, because that is where I have seen the best prices.
Tips for saving money on Paper!
Well the only real tip I have on that is strike when the iron is hot!!  Take advantage of Staples Rewards.  About once a month or so they offer FREE paper or really cheap paper!  You have to pay up front, but you will get your Staples Rewards back.  If you recycle your ink cartridges, start rolling those Staples Rewards!  Recycle Ink…..Get Rewards….Buy Paper….Get Rewards…..see the idea:)


Jennifer February 21, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Hi Couponers,

I have just started couponing with my best friend, and we have been on the look out for the best deals. I happen to have a MaxPerks Card from Officemax, and I get all of my ink and paper here. One of the best things that I have found is that you can get some of your recently empty cartridges refilled for $10-$15. However, you can only do it once per cartridge. I happened to call my local store and ask them if my particular HP cartridge could be refilled. And they told me that it could plus the cost. So, Not only am I saving a bit of money on refilling my cartridges, but I’m also getting my $3 reward for my recycled cartridges. Let’s put it this way…for me to buy the HP Black ink that I need its $13.99. It cost me $10 to have it refilled. So I saved $3.99. Then when I go back in to have the same cartridge recycled I get a $3 credit to my MaxPerks card that I can use once it’s available. So, ultimately I am saving $6.99 toward the purchase of my next ink cartridge. ***Note: I was told that not all printers will accept a refilled cartridge, and if it doesn’t work that I could bring it back and get a refund on my refill, and still recycle it.*** I found that tidbit of information really helpful. Also, the cashier told me that they have weekly paper specials where you can get 2 packages of paper for $10. So I hope this helps a few people out when it come to saving on your ink and paper.

The Q Tipping Mom February 21, 2012 at 8:04 pm

Thanks so much Jennifer!!! Awesome info!

Jessica December 16, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Great Tip

Jessica December 16, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Great Tip!!!!!!

ray December 25, 2012 at 2:48 pm


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