How to stack coupons

September 6, 2011

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Stacking Coupons is very easy!!  The first thing you need to know, is…How to tell a store coupon from a manufacturer coupon..
 “How do I tell a store coupon from a manufacturer coupon” (Target coupon used as example)
How to stack coupons
Click on the picture to make it bigger.The top coupon is a MANUFACTURER coupon printed off of the Target website.  Technically, you should be able to use it anywhere.  The “Bulls Eye” is a suggestion to use this coupon at Target.  The coupon on the bottom is a TARGET STORE coupon.  Notice the difference in the bar code.  Below is an up close picture of the barcodes.

how to stack coupons


“What exactly is STACKING a coupon?”

how to stack coupons
Click on picture to make it bigger.
Stacking is simply using a STORE coupon, with a MANUFACTURER coupon.  MOST all stores will allow this.   In order to stack a coupon you have to make sure one of the coupons is a STORE coupon!!  If in doubt, ask before trying!  Take advantage of this to save a lot of money!!
 ” How is the best way to use a BOGO coupon”?

how to stack coupons
1) If you have a Buy one Get one Free coupon and the item is on sale at a TRUE BOGO store (CVS, WALGREENS, Florida Publix Stores)  then you will get BOTH items free. (THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE FOR RITE AID)
*A TRUE BOGO store simply means, you pay FULL price for the first item and you get the second item free.

2)  You cannot use (2) BOGO coupons on (2) items to get both items FREE.  In order to use (2) BOGO coupons you would have to purchase (4) items.

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