EXCESSIVE COUPONING – When companies lose money

October 30, 2011

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excessive couponing



Why does it matter if I want to buy 50 boxes of cereal with coupons? Everybody gets paid…Right???

Well since the wonderful show about extreme couponing has brought to light “EXCESSIVE COUPONING”, manufacturers are taking notice.  While manufacturers do want to sell as much product as they possibly can, Extreme Couponers that I like to refer to as EXCESSIVE COUPONERS have brought a whole new aspect to the mix.  A manufacturer does put the coupons “Out there”, so to speak, but does this mean that actually intend on seeing all of those coupons redeemed.  Well, quite simply the answer is no.

 From an article by the vcstar.com in 2007 only about 1.26 percent of the 300 billion coupons issued in the United States were actually redeemed.(according to ICOM Information & Communications, a company that tracks coupon behavior)  We know this has increased in 2011, but the last I heard it was only at about 5%.  Manufacturers use these numbers to budget how many coupons they foresee actually being redeemed.  

When a “HOT” coupon comes out & EXCESSIVE COUPONERS, buy tons & tons of these products, companies actually do lose money.  Maybe “lose money” is not the best term, but they end up spending more than they had planned.  A manufacturer would prefer to see 1000 families buy 2 of their products, in hopes that they will like the product & continue to buy it, rather than see a handful of people buy 2000 products.  Does that make sense?  When coupon redemption goes up on a product tremendously, as they do on these “HOT” coupons, then the next time we see coupons for those products they are usually a lower value.

The most I usually ever buy of one particular product is 10 items.  Having a family of 6, this is in no way excessive.  I hate standing in a checkout line and being asked,” Are you one of those extreme couponers?”  It drives me nuts!  I do not think of myself in that way, I am just a mom trying to save money for her family.  Not sure why I got off on that, LOL!  But just wanted to get that out there:)


Toi October 31, 2011 at 6:30 am

I agree, I hate being compared to “those extreme couponers” or extreme hoarders as I refer to them as.

Wendi October 31, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Thanks for saying this! It is, however, a shame that it needs to be said. If we all shop reasonably we can all have plenty when the great deals come around. The term “extreme couponer(ing)” is the bane of my existence. If stores see you with coupons organized in almost any way they get wonky.

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