Walmart Christmas Clearance now 75% Off!!!

January 3, 2013

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Yay!!  I am a happy camper to say the least!!  Walmart Christmas Clearance is finally marked down to 75% off!!  Unfortunately, I did not see any coupon deals, but I am happy to report a lot of other super deals!


I am always a happy momma when my “Birthday Box” is filled!!  What’s my “Birthday Box”?  Well, when I find “SUPER DEALS” in the toy or seasonal section that would make great gifts, I grab them up!!  This saves us so much money throughout the year.  Having 2 small ones in school, we get A LOT of birthday party invitations!  This can get REAL expensive.  So today, with all these great gift deals at 75% off I was able to restock, my “Birthday Box”!!!  I did not find any great boy gifts, but bring on the girl party invites:)  I am ready!!


My Girls really wanted little Christmas Trees in their rooms this year.  Well, at $9.99 a pop, just for the tree I could not bring myself to get them!!    Next year, however, they will all have a tree in their own rooms!!!  I got them today for ONLY $2.49 each!!  All three trees for less than the cost of one!!  I picked up the ornaments to go on the trees for only 87¢ each!!  Thanks Walmart Christmas Clearance !


I was SO ready for new ornaments this year!!  I fell in love with these whimsical Red & Green ones!  They remind me of the movie,  ” How the Grinch Stole Christmas “.  I really….really….did I mention REALLY…wanted them.  BUT NO WAY, was I paying $40 for them!  I was thrilled to get them today for only $9.99!!!  (Is it too early to put my Christmas tree up?)


This is probably my FAVORITE Deal from the Walmart Christmas Clearance !  I admit it!  I get a little overly excited about wrapping paper & ribbons!!  I LOVE pretty shiny paper!  I was THRILLED to find this wrapping paper for ONLY 61¢ a roll!!  I am not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this paper can be used all year!!!  It is Blue, Pink, White & Green!  I will probably go back and get some more wrapping paper, but my car was done in the Walmart Auto Shop, so it was time to go!

oh yeah…..


Even the doggie was excited about Walmart Christmas Clearance !!  He got the “Big Bone” for ONLY $1.49!

Now the hard part…..Breaking the news to the hubby that he has more Christmas stuff to take to the attic……….. USA, LLC

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