When it comes to saving money, I have to do what is best for my family…

February 24, 2013

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So sad to see my local paper, The Huntsville Times increased the cost to $2 on Sundays.  Apparently, it’s been this way a couple of weeks, but I usually send the hubby to get it & he did not mention the increase.  I always get at least one local paper every week for comparisons, however I DO NOT DEPEND on the local paper for my couponing!  I was SO disappointed with the local coupons this week!!  I can’t wait to get my Florida Inserts to do a comparison for you!

Don’t get me wrong… I am all about buying local…  But when it comes to saving money, I have to do what is best for my family and that is NOT a local newspaper for coupons.  Now I know some of our readers live in regions that get the “good” coupons, so this does not apply to you..(LUCKY DUCKS , LOL)

Most people are skeptical about buying coupon inserts from another source, or they just do not understand the regional aspect of inserts.  I always hear…Why would I pay $8 for inserts that I can get locally for $4?  Well you shouldn’t…IF you get “GOOD” local coupons!  This is unfortunately not true for me & the majority of our readers.  In order to save the BIG Bucks I have to depend on another resource for my coupons.  I personally have been ordering 10 sets of each insert every week for the past 2 years.  Week after Week I save enough to pay for my inserts over and over again!!  Some of my favorite coupons I get from my insert service that I RARELY or NEVER see in my local paper are, Kraft, Nabisco, Maybelline, Kellogg’s, Pepperidge Farm, Publix, Target and so many more!!

There are a couple of different ways to get these great coupons!  The first is for people who like to get WHOLE INSERTS.  The prices below are for next weekends pre-orders from a reliable source that I use every week.  Next week we are expecting a SmartSource, RedPlum & a P & G.


What exactly is a 2-pack, 4-pack..etc… When you order a 2-pack, that means you will get (2) of each insert that was in the paper that week.. So next week if you order a 2-pack you would get (2) RedPlums, (2) P&G and (2) SmartSource.  And the same for the other sizes.. 4-pack, (4) of each….etc.

So if you are in my area and buy (2) newspapers, that would be $4..  If you order you pay $9.86  a difference of $5.86.  That $5.86 is MORE than worth the value of the coupons you will receive from the Insert Service!  Check out past comparisons HERE and HERE.

Whole Inserts not your thing?

Some people prefer to just order the coupons that were missing from their local coupon inserts.  This is a great option, but to succeed at getting the “Best Ones” you need to be “Johnny on the Spot” when ordering.  My favorite place to order clipped coupons is WizClipz.  Here you can get a 10 pack of coupons for $1.50 shipped.  The Wiz usually adds new, pre-order coupons on Thursday, before they come out on Sunday.  Shop early to get the best ones:)  Head over HERE to check out the Clipped Coupon Service.

I challenge you to try ordering Coupons just once.  Try it out and see if it is for you!  Don’t forget…If you are ordering Whole Inserts for next week, you can pre-order them HERE now!

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Bobbie Barber February 24, 2013 at 4:19 pm

I have to say, I’ve never “bought” coupons until about 3 weeks ago. I went to Insert Insanity several times and looked, but never purchased. Then, after I did, I realized the good deal it is. And now, if I get coupons I don’t need, I can swap them with somebody that does need them. They get here quick, I love doing coupons like that!

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