Am I getting a Deal

To start, its good to know what a deal actually is… To explain this, I will break it up into 3 types of deals:  A Deal, A REAL DEAL, and the SUPER DEAL!

(1)  A DEAL:  A deal would be any item that is at least 50% off or more.  That should be your target price at the very least.  You can cut your grocery bill in half or more, without cutting the first coupon.

Sales rotate on a 6-12 week cycle, depending on where you live, with the exception of seasonal items.  The trick is, buying enough to get you through until the next sale.  After you have shopped like this for a while, you will see the trend and know when items are going to be on sale.

(2)  A REAL DEAL:  A real deal would be an item at its lowest price point (50% off or more) , matched with a coupon!!!  This makes for HUGE SAVINGS and sometimes even FREEBIES!  For Example a sale might be:

This is a Savings of 80% when you buy (2) and your store doubles coupons!  You would end up paying 33¢ each!

(3) A SUPER DEAL: A Super Deal would be an item at its lowest price point (50% off or more), matched with a manufacturer coupon & a store coupon!!  Talk about savings!! This is where you can really stack up the savings!  An example might be:

This is a savings of 73% when you buy (2)!  I would end up paying $1.44 each!

Avoid buying impulse items that could potentially cancel out your savings!

(1) Make a list and stick to it!!  This is the easiest way to avoid impulse purchases!!

(2) Carry Cash!  Leave your cards at home!  If you are making a list and using The Q-Tipping Moms Shopping Calculator found HERE, you should know almost to the penny how much your purchases will be.

(3) Beware of those End Caps!! Items displayed on the end caps are not necessarily bargains. We tend to grab things we see on special display!  Sometimes they will even have a big sign to make us think we are getting a deal!  See Rule 1!!

(4) Don’t fall for the power of suggestion.  If a store advertises a 10 for $10 deal, this DOES NOT necessarily mean we have to by 10.  Most of the time these really means $1 each!!  (more examples 2/$5, 4/$4, 4/$5 and so on)

(5) Avoid grabbing the “Store Brand”.  Store Brand is RARELY the best deal.  When you shop when items are at the lowest price point, especially if you have a coupon, more times than not the name brand will be the cheapest.

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