Couponing Tips Avoid being overcharged

August 14, 2013

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couponing tips

Couponing Tips -Avoid being overcharged !

How many times has your cashier given you the total, and you think to yourself, ” That doesn’t sound right “?  Only to get to your car or get home and find out that you were overcharged for an item or they missed some of your coupons!!  UGH!!  Is it worth it to around and drive back?  If you are like me, you are so happy to be home, going back is out of the question!  To avoid this all together, we must be preemptive!

Once you put all of your bargains on the counter your coupon adventure is far from over!  I usually take a kid or two with me when I am shopping.  The girls job is to unload the cart while I watch EVERY item scan.  You would be shocked at the number of times I have caught an item ringing up wrong!  Just last night I got free grape tomatoes because they rang up at $2.99 instead of $2.50!  Yep..I said FREE!  Some stores will actually give you the item for FREE if it rings up wrong!  Publix is one of these stores!  I have gotten everything from FREE diapers to FREE Gator meat because of an error at the register!  It really does pay to watch the register!

Now about those coupons!!  You spend so much time planning your trip, cutting out your coupons, calculating & re-calculating, you really want everything to work out the way you had anticipated. So now its time to make sure all your hard work pays off!  Yep!  You guessed it!  Time to watch each coupon scan!  Many times coupons will stick together and the cashier will inadvertently miss one.  Sometimes they will accidentally drop one in the already scanned pile.  Lets face it, when you are couponing….a missed 50¢ coupon is money out of our pocket!  A dollar is a dollar..ya know!  We all know what a dollar can buy, right?!  Watch those coupons:)  Internet printables tend to stick together worse than others.  I usually separate internet printables with insert coupons to help with this problem.  Make sure you are saving every penny you planned on saving!!  Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid over paying because of human error or computer error!

Happy Couponing!

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