Tips for shopping Walgreens

August 15, 2013

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Tips for shopping Walgreens

First and foremost, you need to pick up the Walgreens customer loyalty card!  The card is called the Balance rewards card. (shown below)  you must use this card at Walgreens to earn  Register Rewards, Balance Rewards Points and to get the sale price!

Walgreens use Register Rewards.  Register Rewards are coupons that print out from a Catalina machine, when you make your purchases separate from your receipt.   Register Rewards are actually manufacturer coupons.

When shopping at Walgreens, you are not allowed to have more coupons than items.  So you will need to find filler items if you have more manufacturer coupons than items.  Filler items are low cost items that allow you to use all of your register rewards and coupons to pay for your items.

Also, when shopping Walgreens, if you purchased something that printed RR and you use those RR to purchase the same item again, it will not print RR a second time.

Tips for shopping at Walgreens

  1.  Always pick up the monthly Walgreens Coupon booklet at the store.  These are usually found when you walk in and at the end of some isles.
  2. Always hand the coupons to the cashier in this order to get the most bang for your buck.  Give them $/$$ first, then RR’s,  Manufacturer coupons next, then any Walgreens coupons.
  3. Most RR are good for 2-3 weeks, but if you are not planning on using them right away, check the expiration dates, because some expire sooner than others.
  4. What exactly is an RR??  Go HERE to see what one looks like:)

**If for any reason your RR does not print, you can call 1-888-8Coupon and they will mail you your RR’s.

Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program!

What is the Balance Rewards Program?

• Balance Rewards includes many of the best aspects of
existing loyalty programs and has distinct features that
competitors do not match, including:
• Members can earn points for making healthy choices.
• Members may earn and redeem points both in-store
and online.
• Exclusive benefits for AARP members.
• A customer-friendly expiration policy.
• Customers can join in one easy step in stores
at checkout or any photo kiosk, online at or with their mobile
devices and begin earning points immediately
for their purchases.
• Members receive exclusive savings every week on
popular products.
• Savings and points can be easily earned when members
show their Balance Rewards card, provide their
telephone number or scan their mobile phone.
• Members can easily access their point totals and see
how many points they need until their next reward at
checkout, online or through their mobile device.

**Instant Points
• Members can instantly earn and redeem points for
thousands of items in store and online.1
• Members will earn points for activities that help them
stay well, like Walk with Walgreens, immunizations
and — where states allow — for prescriptions.2
• Members receive exclusive access to the Walgreens
online Pharmacy Chat service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, 365 days a year.

**Endless Rewards
• Members can redeem points immediately in-store or
online for a little something special or hold off until they
have earned more points for an even greater reward.
• Points will not expire as long as members remain active
by shopping at Walgreens at least once every six months
and redeem their points within three years.
• Points go further as you earn more.


BUT WAIT…What about Register Rewards?

As of now, Walgreens will continue with Register Rewards.  This may be phased out eventually…BUT lets hope not:)

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