Dollar Tree $10 Meal -Deal or Dud

September 1, 2013

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Dollar Tree $10 Meal


dollar tree $10 meal
I was challenged today to find a meal for 6 at my Dollar Tree for $10.  Our Dollar Tree recently got coolers with frozen and cold foods, so I figured I could come up with something!  As I walked up to the store, there was a sign in the window that said “RIBEYE STEAKS $1!  I was super excited!!  I was thinking grilling & fixin’s.  Well when I checked out the steaks, they were REALLY thin.  (Like 30 seconds on the grill might burn them, LOL)  I looked up and saw the Pepper Stir fry, so I got another idea..  How about Steak Fajitas!?!

I bought:
(5) Ribeye Steaks
(2) Frozen Pepper Stir Fry
(1) Olive Oil
(1) pack of Fajitas
(1) Unreal Sour Creme<—Yep! That’s how it was spelled
Here is what I did:
Cut up the steaks in strips. I seasoned them with pepper & garlic salt and cooked them in a little Olive oil. There was a lot of water in them! I drained them 2 times while cooking! Next I added the Pepper Stir Fry.  It really should have been called Onion stir fry with a couple of peppers!  If you try this, do not expect to see much pepper!  Both of the bags I bought were mostly onion.  I served them on fajitas with cheddar cheese and a dollop of Sour Creme!

dollar tree $10 meal

Was the family pleased???  Honestly, I was very skeptical.  However, the family really enjoyed their Dollar Tree $10 Meal!  Now, I won’t say it was a restaurant quality, but it was good enough to eat, LOL!!  I don’t think I would ever buy Dollar Tree steak for grilling, but if you stick with something like fajitas, it worked fine!  And that questionable “Unreal Sour Creme”  turns out, it was actually okay!  It tastes a lot like fat free or low fat sour cream.  

It was fun to find a Dollar Tree $10 Meal Deal!  Let us know if you come up with a Dollar Tree $10 Meal! Check out the Dollar Tree Coupon Matchups HERE!

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