Lunch Box Ideas -What’s in the bag?!

September 19, 2013


Lunch Box Ideas

lunch box ideas


School is back in session!!  For this mom, it means 5 lunches packed EVERYDAY!  25 lunches a week!!  My family gets tired of the same old sandwich!  I have to get creative to keep the bunch happy!  Each week we will share with you a couple of our lunch box ideas !  If you have  fun, upbeat lunch box ideas, we would love for you to send it in!!  Snap a picture of your cool lunch box ideas!  If there is a recipe please send it too!  We look forward to keeping lunch fun this year sharing our lunch box ideas!

What’s in the Bag?

Here’s to another VERY busy Week!!  We are still getting the hang of getting up and getting going at 5:30am!  Not a fun feat!   Still waiting on some great ideas from you guys!!


Kid #1

Southwestern Salad
Rice Krispies Treat

Kid #2 & #3

Ham Sandwich
Grape Tomatoes


Kid #4
Turkey Sandwich
Mandarin Oranges

Boring, eh:( I know, I promised to get creative! It’s coming! I actually have pictures and recipes I took from last week. I will be posting soon! Fall Ball has started so we are lucky to get a well rounded supper, LOL, much less a creative lunch;)

Now it’s your turn??  What’s in the bag for your little ones this week?  Share your tips, ideas, pictures and recipes with us at or post to facebook!


*I am not a nutritionist, nor do I claim to be.  This is just a mom, fixing a good, fairly healthy & economical lunch for her bunch!  Please keep nutritional value bashing to yourself, LOL!  I have 4 healthly kids:)


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