Couponing with Kids -Tips to make couponing with the little ones easier

December 12, 2013

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Couponing with kids

Being a mom of four, I completely understand how hard it can be Couponing with Kids !  It is much easier now that 2 of my girls are older, but I fondly remember couponing with kids, when they were young!  It can be very hectic and time consuming.  Hopefully, a few of these tips will make your shopping trip easier when couponing with kids!

(1.)  Take the time before shopping to make a list and pull your coupons! STICK TO THE LIST!  This will eliminate a toddler knocking your binder off your buggy and your coupons going everywhere! AND this will tremendously cut down the time you have to spend shopping!!

(2.)  If you are on a strict budget, explain to the “older” little ones before you go to the store, that you have a list..And you will only buy items on the list.  If they are old enough and have a request for an item, make a decision before you go into the store if this item will be added to the list.  This will help with the “I wants”.  

(3.) Enlist the older ones to help!!  My girls always loved helping out..  They would help count items and add them to my buggy.

(4.)  Bring toys & snacks to keep the little ones entertained.  I always had a bag full…but usually my car keys or a well protected cell phone worked best;)

(5.)  If all else fails try…..BRIBERY!!  Nothing wrong with a little bribery when it comes to moms sanity!!  Many Stores offer FREE cookies for the little ones in the bakery! Some stores even have gluten free or sugar free cookies upon request!  Let your little ones know ahead of time about the special treat that will await them if they are well behaved:)

Hopefully, one of these tips will make your couponing with kids a little less stressful!  My favorite tip is #1!!  I promise if you prepare before you go into the store….this will be the biggest help when couponing with kids!

*Remember to include the older children!  This can be very educational for them and encourages them to learn how to save money!

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