5 Coupon Tips you can start TODAY!

August 12, 2015

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top 5 coupon tips

Top 5 Coupon Tips

1. Buy a few Sunday newspapers. Always buy an even number. This way you will have 2 coupons to use on BOGO Deals! Check out ordering coupons from another region! Head over HERE to see a few of the places I recommend for ordering coupons. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

2. Lose your Brand Loyalty. Unless you or your family has an allergy to prevent you from trying new things! If you don’t mind trying out different varieties-you can always find one on sale:-)

3. Stockpile. Buy things when they are at the lowest price and stock up as much as you can.  This is especially necessary if you must have a particular brand!

4. ORGANIZE YOUR COUPONS!! It will save you more time & more money! THIS IS A MUST!!!

5. Save ALL COUPONS. Sometimes you will buy items you don’t need in order to acquire things you do need!! For example.. You have the coupons to get an item for FREE (that you don’t need) that will produce rewards (RR,ECB’s etc) to pay for something that you do need!! Donate the items that you will not use!!

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