A happy cashier, makes for a happy customer

August 12, 2015

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A happy cashier, makes for a happy customer………….Most of the time!!
Believe it or not, this all starts with you!!!
1.) Hone up on your profiling skills!  Sounds silly, right??!!??  But it is the truth.  Let’s face it, some Cashiers are just nicer about taking coupons than others. (I am not saying this to offend any cashiers, so please don’t take offense)  All couponers have been here….You have all your coupons neatly organized and arranged..  you get up to the cashier and she/he scrutinizes EVERY coupon!  I have heard horror stories of the cashier wanting every coupon placed with the item it corresponds with.  This is SO aggravating!  We have spent so much time getting ready for our shopping trip and the last thing we want is to spend 30 minutes at the register!  Find a cashier with a smile on their face!  After a while, you will probably have a favorite cashier.  Try and shop when they are working;)
2.)  Be polite to other Customers.  If you are at a grocery store with 50 coupons & the person in line behind you only has a couple of items, let them go first.  This will say a lot to your cashier.  You don’t want your cashier to feel rushed or stressed because the customers behind you are huffing & puffing.  At drugstores, if you are doing multiple transactions, ALWAYS, let the people behind you go ahead of you between transactions.  Usually, Drugstores only have a couple of employees working at any given time, so lines can back up quickly.
3.)  Have your coupons neatly organized and ready.  First of all, cut the coupon out!  Sounds obvious, right, LOL!  Believe it or not, I have been in line behind somebody that handed the cashier several 8.5×11 sheets of paper! The poor cashier will have to cut those coupons out at the end of the day! Secondly, don’t hand the cashier a wad of coupons facing every direction.  Third, if you have FREE or BOGO coupons, put those at the end of the order, so the cashier won’t have to hunt the price of the item.  I usually go ahead and write the price on the coupon for them.
4.)  Be ethical and honest in your coupon usage.  Don’t use coupons in ways they are not intended.  Make sure you have the correct size if the coupon has size stipulations.  Don’t use expired coupons. (Some stores will allow you to use expired coupons, make sure it is okay before you try) Know the stores coupon policy and stick to the rules.  I get this question ALL the time, “I have 3 manufacturer coupons for $1/1 item, can I buy one item and use all three coupons??”  The answer is NO.  The only way you can use more than (1) coupon per item is as if (1) is a Store coupon & the other is a Manufacturer coupon.
5.)  Be Prepared for problems to arise.  In a perfect world, we would NEVER be questioned about our coupons.  But that is just not the case.  Always keep the printed coupon policy with you.  If you have to get the coupon policy out, do so with respect.  **I have said it a thousand times & I will say it again, “You catch more Bee’s with Honey”
6.)  If possible, shop when the store is less crowded. I know for some people this is almost impossible. If it is possible, shopping early in the morning or later at night seems to be less crowded.Shopping with coupons can be so much fun & very rewarding!!  Don’t let a bad experience keep you from trying again!  We have all had at least one bad experience and we usually learn a valuable lesson from it!

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