Coupon Ethics -Proper Coupon Usage

August 12, 2015

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Coupon ethics

Coupon Ethics -Proper Coupon Usage

I wanted to post some information about this again, because the popularity of couponing is on the rise.  If you are new to the world of couponing, this is for you:)  If you are an oldie, this is for you too, LOL!  Everybody, need to make sure they are using coupons properly!

(1) NEVER make copies of coupons! Most printable websites will allow (2) prints per computer. Manufacturers set a limit on how many coupons can be printed globally. If they allow for 100,000 coupons to be printed & 105,000 coupons come back, that means 5,000 coupons will not be reimbursed to the stores they were used at. Each coupon printed has a unique number on it somewhere. If a copy is used the store will not get paid for the coupon. This is really no different from stealing. Maybe you can live with that………….BUT… will eventually catch up with you. How?? Coupons from printable websites are also printed with your “IP” address. The ip address from the computer they were printed from is all the way around the coupon and teeny tiny, under the date of the coupon. Just about every class I teach, somebody says, “oh no, I have copied coupons, I didn’t know it was wrong”. It okay…just don’t ever do it again! I would hate for our stores to stop taking internet printables!

(2) Always use coupons for the exact product they were intended. If a coupon says “Trix cereal 17.5 oz box”  this does not mean it is okay to use on a 12 oz box.  Or if a coupon says “Honey Nut Cheerios”  and we use it on “Cheerios Yellow box”, this is ALSO wrong.  Some store registers may not catch this, but we know it is wrong.

(3) Never use fraudulent coupons! If it sounds to good to be true…It probably is a fraudulent coupon!  Be cautious of coupons that are for a FREE item when no purchase is necessary.  Also, if a printable coupon is missing an expiration date there is a good chance it is fraudulent.  The Coupon Information Corporation does an excellent job keeping us informed about fraudulent coupons.  You can go HERE to see the list of fraudulent coupons.

(4) Don’t Double Dip!  Many times manufacturers will attach a PEELIE to a product.  If a product has a manufacturer PEELIE, it is NOT okay to use another manufacturer coupon with this product!  Even if the cashier does not catch it..  If you catch it, it is your responsibility to let them know you are using another coupon.  This is one of the “GOLDEN RULES” of couponing!  Just about every coupon you see will have the disclaimer.. Only ONE manufacturer coupon per product listed. Stores get audited from time to time and they must be able to prove that the sales match the coupons.  Meaning if they sent in 2000 coupons, they better have 2000 sales for the product.

(5) Don’t attempt to use Expire Coupons.  Most stores DO NOT knowingly accept expired coupons.  I know that a few Publix stores will accept expired coupons that expired within the same week.  However, this is NOT a policy.  Please ask before attempting to use an expired coupon.

It is so important that we use coupons responsibly!  Don’t take advantage of stores by attempting to bend or break the rules.  I promise, you will SAVE ton’s of money without using coupons fraudulently.  Always remember…”Just because it scans..It doesn’t make it right”

If you have any questions about coupon usage, please feel free to email me:

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