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stick to your New Years Resolution


Every year we make them, and every year most of us break them…  New Years Resolutions!! Can we really stick to our New Years Resolution ?  Yes we can!!  Here is a short list of tips to stick to your New Years Resolution this year!!

(1.) Pick the right New Years Resolution! This is probably the most important tip! Pick something that is obtainable! Pick something that is realistic! Pick something that will motivate you daily!

(2.) Set Small Goals! Use a calendar, and break your Resolution up into small milestones. It’s all about baby steps! Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

(3.) Remind yourself daily of your goals!! Sticky notes or pictures on the refrigerator. Set reminders on your cell phone. Stick an inspiring note in your wallet. Post notes at the office. Whatever it takes to keep your Resolution goals fresh on your mind.

(4.) Reward yourself when you reach those small goals (see number 3)

(5.) Keep a journal! Writing things down tend to keep us motivated and hold us accountable. Write down your accomplishments and your short comings. Read back over your journey to keep you encouraged and motivated.

(6.) Make the investment. Whether your resolution is losing weight, quitting smoking, getting organized or saving money, making sure you have the right tools to reach your goal is imperative.

(7.) Get a Resolution Buddy. Sometimes having a family member or friend on board is a huge motivator. They can help hold you accountable and cheer you on when you reach small goals!

(8.) There is an app for that!! There is an app for almost EVERYTHING! No matter what your Resolution is, you can usually find some sort of app to keep you on track. There are apps for saving money, losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.. Search your app store and find an app that will work for you.

(9.) Keep it interesting. When things get boring, we tend to forget about them. Find new and interesting ways to keep yourself focused. Change it up and keep things fresh!

(10.) Give yourself a break!! You will have setbacks! It’s just part of being human! Don’t let a small setback, keep you from seeing the big picture! Most people run out of steam by March! No worries! Reboot & refocus! You can still finish strong!

**It takes about 21 days to form a new habit and some say as many as 66 days to quit a bad habit!


Good Luck!!!  We got this!

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painting with nature 2

The weather has been getting nicer around here and we been spending more time outside!  If you haven’t heard, the girls are homeschooling this year….So,  I have been on the look out for craft ideas for Art Time!!  What kid does not like to paint??!!!  While playing outside I started noticing some great painting utensils. Painting with nature is fun, easy and very educational for the kiddos! So how exactly do you paint with nature?

Take a walk with your kids and start looking around (make sure you take a plastic bag or bucket with you to carry your items) for items that have a different texture. Look everywhere and keep your mind open because anything goes when painting with nature! Make sure you talk about the texture and color with your kids! There are so many ways to learn during this activity. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ideas for Painting with Nature

  • Corn Cob (there are 3 ways you can paint with corn cobs: the husk, the cob with corn on it and the cob with the corn taken off)
  • Acorns
  • Wildflowers
  • Leaves
  • Walnuts (These work well in a bin with your child holding the bin and rolling them around in the paint)
  • Pine Needles
  • Pine Cones
  • Rocks
  • Sticks

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