Welcome to the wonderful world of couponing! Whether you are a Beginner Couponer, an Avid Couponer or just new to our page, you will find a lot of useful here at the Couponers Hub.  Just click on the topics below to read. 

Coupon Class Information

•Been to a recent Coupon Class? Check out the “Coupon Class Rehash” HERE.
Come to a Coupon Class!
Schedule a coupon class for your group, club, church, girls night, or fundraiser HERE.

Couponing Tips & Advice

•How to Navigate our Site
How to find great coupons for maximum savings!
Learn the Coupon Language- What in the world is an ECB..etc
Top 5 Coupon Tips- Implementing these top 5 coupon tips will maximize your coupon savings!
How to Use Coupons Properly-A guide to coupon ethics
Cashiers & Coupons -A happy cashier, makes for a happy customer………….Most of the time!!
What do I do with all of these EXPIRED COUPONS?
Avoid Being Overcharged at the register!
Deal or No Deal!! Is it really a Deal?
Is it illegal to buy coupons?
What is “Stacking Coupons”?
Be an ethical Couponer-A lesson in coupon ethics
How to I calculate my Savings Percentage?
Are you using Recycle Bank? Earn GREAT COUPONS, FREE MAGAZINES & GIFT CARDS!
What is Gang Cutting Coupons? The Story Behind Gang Cutting Coupons
Printable Coupon Binder Divider Labels
This IS Fraudulent Coupon Usage!
Couponing with Kids!

Store Coupon Policies

PUBLIX-How to coupon at Publix, Publix Coupon Policy and Store Matchups
CVS-How to coupon at CVS, Coupon Policy and Store Matchups
Rite Aid-How to coupon at Rite Aid, Coupon Policy and Store Matchups
Walgreens-How to coupon at Walgreens, Coupon Policy and Store Matchups

Saving Money 

Tips for Saving money at the Pump?
How to save money on Meat!
Save Money on Ink
Save money on supplies by recycling ink cartridges
Ordering Coupons-I save so much more money by ordering my inserts from a Florida Region! Head over HERE to see the current Sunday Insert Preview and see if ordering inserts is right for you!
Saving money on meals while on Vacation
One Week Without Cable and we Survived-Save money on entertainment

Print Coupons

Try out different Zip Codes when printing coupons!

Random Ramblings

Excessive Couponing-How much is too much?
$10 Dollar Tree Meal for Family of 6 Challenge! DEAL or DUD?

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