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School is back in session for most!!! I cannot believe how quickly summer break goes! We are homeschooling our little girls this year, but I do have a highschooler in public school! So that means I need more ideas for packing a great lunch! I am a big advocate of packing lunches!! You can read some of our past Lunch Box posts HERE, HERE & HERE.  I love saving money and packing lunches really helps our family save money!  Check out some of our friends ideas for packing a great lunch below…  

Ideas for Packing a Great Lunch

Southwest Turkey Wrap by Thrifty Jinxy


My family loves wraps!! This recipe for a Southwest Turkey Wrap is sure to be a hit at my house! Check out this recipe HERE.

RIO 2 Bento Box by Two Little Cavaliers


One of the biggest new crazes for lunch are Bento Boxes! You can find so many cute ideas for bento box lunches. This is one of the cutest ideas for a Bento Box Lunch. Head over HERE to see how to create your very on Rio 2 Bento Lunch! [click to continue…]


Does packing a lunch save money? Are you packing school lunches this year??  We always pack lunches!  It takes a little extra time, but the payoff is huge!!  At my kids school lunches are $2.50!!!!  This year were are starting a series “What’s in the bag” I hope you will participate by sending us your lunch box pictues and ideas!!  Below is a break down of how much I would pay for lunches, versus how much I pay!

Cost for School to provide lunches for my (4) girlies

DAILY: $2.50 x 4= $10 A DAY!
WEEKLY: $10 x 5= $50 A WEEK!
MONTHLY: $50 x 4= $200 A MONTH!

*Way too much for my budget!!  A packed lunch usually cost me around 75¢ or less! [click to continue…]

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